Required Items

  • Mountain Bike (proper working order)

  • Bike Helmet (proper fit and good condition)

  • Gloves (preferably full-finger)

  • Spare inner tubes– Even if you are running tubeless

  • Close-toe shoes (no sandals)

  • Water bottles or hydration pack

  • Hand Pump or CO2 with inflator head

Highly Recommended

  • Eye Protection Glasses!

  • Multi-Tool (optionally w/ chain breaker)

  • Clip less pedals 20% performance boost

  • Chain lube Keeping your drive train clean will keep you from having to replace parts longer

  • Track pump with pressure gauge Tires lose their pressure daily. Low tire pressure is the #1 reason for flats.

  • Nutrition Riding fueled mean riding your best. The right food speeds your recovery

  • Brushes Weekly wash keeps your bike performing at its best!